Flat Rubber Roof Residential Minnesota

Flat rubber roofs requires expert product selection We carry many lines of flat rubber roofs to cover all possible situations.  Flat rubber roofs requires expert product selection and installation to ensure peak performance, so make sure you are choosing a construction company with enough flat rubber roofing experience.  Today’s flat rubber roof market has also changed dramatically in recent years. 

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Home Exterior Remodeling Exterior remodeling can dramatically change the appearance of your home.  Our exterior remodeling foreman has been helping the people in the Minneapolis Metro transform their homes for nearly 40 years.  His experience and the relationships he has built make him one of the best in the area.  He recently stepped away from his own business to work 

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Wood Shake

Snap Construction carries a large product selection including natural wood Let Snap Construction’s team of  wood shake experts help you to recondition and rebuild your roof with our lifetime craftsmanship warranty. Our local experts will help you understand the options you have and figure out the best plan of attack. Cedar shake roofs take solid craftsmanship and intelligence in terms 

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Rolled Insulation

Looking for new Rolled Insulation?  We can not only help you with that, but can also review your home energy efficiency before and after to help you see the results of energy efficiency programs.  Just request a free energy audit when you call or submit a request for a complimentary quote.  It’s that Easy! Snap Construction is BPI certified.  We can help improve your 

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Attic Insulation

Best Attic Insulation Services Proper attic insulation is key to having a home that is both comfortable and energy-efficient.  In addition to adding additional insulation to your home, there are many products on the market to help you further insulate your home. As a top-rated local insulation contractor, Snap Construction can provide a complimentary estimate to increase, upgrade, or change 

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