What to Consider When Designing a Deck in Minnesota

In the warm summer months in Minnesota when the living is simple, there is nothing like enjoying a cookout, entertaining, or simply relaxing on your own deck. In addition to boosting outdoor living space, decks can be an advantage when you sell your home. When thinking about building a new deck or renovating your current deck, there are some essential factors to keep in mind. Remember to consider what you intend your deck to be used for and its function. A deck provides a fantastic additional open space area for use. It is a perfect place for entertaining in the warmer months and also for relaxation. Snap Construction can help design your Minnesota deck. We will discuss ideas in this blog to think about when designing your ideal deck.
When thinking about a deck for your house, the area that the deck will take up and overall size is something that needs to be considered. It is best that your deck is proportionate to the size of your home. You would not want to put a huge deck on a smaller home and a small deck on a larger home. When considering the size of the deck, think about what the intended use of your deck will be. Will it be for entertaining all of your friends and family often? Or will it be a more intimate setting for your family? Visualize the items that you propose to put on your deck such as a grill, patio set, bar, hot tub, decorations, etc. These are items that will lessen the space so it is important to keep them in mind. When visualizing the size of your deck, imagine the traffic patterns that will exist – how a person will get onto the deck and where you may put the stairs that makes the most sense. All of these factors will help you decide the ideal and most practical deck size to fit your needs.
The shape of your deck can radically boost your home’s exterior appeal. A deck can be built in nearly any preferred shape, but it is important to consider that the more uncommon the shape is, the pricier the deck will most likely be. When thinking about the design of a deck, consider the general lines of your home and what shape would best compliment it. If your home is more non-traditional with more peaks and designs, you may want to go with a more simple deck design. Ponder the idea of doing a wraparound deck or L-shaped deck to give your home a spectacular look. Shape does not necessarily mean the form of the deck; take into account the changing angle of your decking boards to add a more captivating look.
Depending on the type of your home, there are different options for the type of deck – multi-level or ground level decks. If your home has a walk out on the second level, building a raised deck to accommodate this is a frequent option. When building a multi-level deck it is important to think about the placement of the stairs so that it is in the most functional area for traffic. Multi-level decks have many benefits like the option to have a large main area that could host your grill, patio set, and even a fire pit. Another level could be for the seating area or a hot tub. If you plan to add a hot tub to a multi-level deck, keep in mind their heavy weight and the need to add additional support to that area of the deck. There are many options for a multi-level deck; be creative!
Ground level decks are the other option. This option provides a welcoming deck space and blends more naturally into your yard space and surroundings. Ground level decks typically do not cost as much money for the homeowner because there is no cost factors associated with building stairs. The risk of injury is significantly reduced since multi-level stairs are not involved in this design. If you do not have a few stairs on your ground level deck to lead to the natural ground, it is important that the deck is constructed so that it not resting directly on the ground because of shifting. A benefit of ground level decks is since railings are not necessary; you are generally able to use the entire space. Also, if the deck is designed properly, it can be viewed as a continuation of your home. This happens because it gives the perception of directly extending your living space from your home. Some homeowners add unique flat stones from the ground level deck to create a distinct and appealing walkway. This is great because it adds more functionality as well as an advantage of attraction.
When building a deck, it is important to think about railings. Railings offer safety and support for your deck. There are many different styles, so they can also be used as a focal point to add great style and personality. The type and style of railing chosen can set it apart from a traditional look if desired. Instead of using a straight post all the way around your deck, try alternating between a straight post and then a carved design post. This subtle difference can make a drastic style change! Metal railings integrated with a wood deck are trending right now and decorative aluminum or steel balusters are a good cost-effective way to add to your deck. An additional trend is the use of cable railings. Cable railings create a sleek and modern look. They are also very low maintenance which can be a wonderful benefit!
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