Convenient Financing

With a slogan like “It’s that Easy,” you better believe we have done our homework when it comes to financing and how to make that easy as well. Snap Construction has a strategic alliance with major companies like Center for Energy and the Environment and a few local partners with state sponsored programs. All of these programs offer different options that are both secured and unsecured with financing up to 20 years.

Financing Options Available!

We have put together programs that help homeowners with their improvements today, so that they can start enjoying immediately while financing.  Depending on your current financial situation and credit profile, we can find a financing program that works for you.

Minneapolis Preferred Contractor Financing Options

Smart Loans with no pre-payment penalty for those that want to enjoy now and payoff later!

With the Center for Energy and the Environment financing and loan options, your next home project is easier than you think!

The CEE has a few different loan programs. Visit their website for more information. Call for additional information and current rates 612-335-5884.

Home Improvement Loan Program

Home Energy Loan Program

Unsecured Loan Program

All loans have different qualifications and terms. For more information contact Snap and the CEE today! You can also read on to learn about new IRS rebates for home insulation upgrades.

New IRS Rebates for Home Insulation Upgrades

Did you know a hefty rebate is in store for Minnesota homeowners who upgrade their home insulation? If you’re ready to take advantage of this tax credit, turn to Snap Construction, the leading home insulation contractor in the Twin Cities metro area. Our expert team can evaluate your home, create a custom insulation solution to safeguard it against heat transfer, and help you earn this new IRS insulation rebate.

The Numerous Benefits of Upgrading Your Home’s Insulation

Several benefits come along with improving the energy efficiency of your home. The key perks include:

  • More consistent indoor temperatures
  • Reduced energy bills
  • Increasing your home’s resale value

But there are lesser-known financial incentives you may be eligible for, specifically rebates or tax credits. The IRS offers up to $1,200 in rebates after an eligible insulation upgrade or a tax credit equal to 30% of the energy efficiency improvements. You may also receive up to $650 in rebates from your energy provider if your area is serviced by Centerpoint Energy, Xcel Energy, or MN Energy Resources. Furthermore, many insurance providers offer discounts for homeowners who invest in energy-efficient enhancements.

When you partner with Snap Construction for your home insulation upgrade, you’ll be able to choose from the following options:

  • Fiberglass or cellulose blown-in insulation
  • Polyurethane spray foam insulation

We’ll be happy to help you choose the right one for your needs and budget.

Upgrade Your Home Insulation for a Tax Credit

Snap Construction can help you become eligible for IRS insulation rebates. Contact us today by phone or using the form below to learn more about the home insulation upgrades we perform for homeowners in the Twin Cities metropolitan area and schedule your free energy-efficiency evaluation.

Note: We do not discount insurance restoration work. There are strict state sponsored guidelines related to all insurance restoration work. For more information please call or email us at

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Very responsive

“Snap Construction was very responsive in providing an estimate and executing the work. The contract was highly detailed and descriptive. The team was only here for about a day and a half and worked efficiently and carefully. The manager followed up with a personal visit and inspection and completed clean-up and touch-ups.”

Carolyn M.

Pleasure to work with

“Matt and the crew at Snap Construction were just a pleasure to work with. So buttoned up, fulfilled all his promises. They also followed COVID protocols and cleaned up perfectly. I highly recommend Matt and Snap!”

Bruce B.

100% Satisfied!!

“100% Satisfied!! Best experience I've ever had with a contractor to date! Not only was the job done well, but they were upfront and realistic on a timeline, and held to the initial estimated date.”

Ellie C.

Great experience

“We had a great experience. The salespeople are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the products. Their price was very competitive for custom windows. The install crew was professional and tidy. Highly recommended.”

Henry Johnan
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