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Deck staining  Minneapolis can be a great transformation. It will bring new life back to your Minneapolis deck or a clean finish to a new deck. What better way to enjoy the rest of this summer than on your newly stained deck!

When beginning to think about refinishing your deck, the first step that should be taken is a thorough cleaning. This is one of the most important steps to ensure that any type of dirt or debris is removed. You do not want to begin staining your deck to find out halfway through that it is not staining properly because of sand, dust, dirt, etc. A power washer is an option for cleaning your deck. However, these washers should be used at low pressure to prevent damaging the wood. Whatever method you choose for cleaning, be sure to wait a few days for the wood to completely dry before staining.

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As you likely have learned, wood decks have splinters. If you notice any splinters or rough spots after the deck is dry, sanding is necessary. Ask a professional like Snap Construction for help with the proper grit of sandpaper to use to ensure the highest quality staining outcome.

Choosing a deck stain Minneapolis

Choosing the right stain is the next step to take. This is an important decision. Although it may be appealing to choose the cheapest option, that option may end up requiring more home maintenance sooner than a higher quality stain. Read ahead for information about a few different types of stain.

The clear stain has the shortest lifespan. It can wear off as early as three months after application so keep this in mind when considering the type of stain. This type of stain will allow the grain of the wood to be visible. There is no pigment in this type of stain. Because of this, extra protection is necessary to protect against UV rays and the appearance of the wood.

UV resistant clear wood finish is a waterproof stain that also blocks UV rays. This stain is still clear but will last up to three times as long as a normal clear stain. UV resistant stain will have to be reapplied about every year or two.

Opaque stain covers much of the wood grain and texture. Although this covers well, it can also peel away. The opaque stain is similar to paint. This type requires refinishing every three to four years.

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The semi-transparent stain gives a tint to the wood but does not cover it completely like an opaque stain. You will still be able to see the natural grain and texture. This type of stain has the least amount of maintenance. Refinishing is required only every three to five years. This option appeals to many homeowners because it provides a combination of qualities.

Staining your deck can be an exciting update to your outdoor living space. Snap Construction can help with any deck projects your home may have. Along with that, Snap Construction can assist with Minneapolis roofing, siding, windows, insulation, and storm damage.

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