How to Bring New Life Into an Old Deck 

For many of us Minnesota residents, our home’s deck is nearly a part of the family in the warm months. The deck becomes the meeting point when everybody in the house returns for the night and it is where we spend a good portion of our weekends just relaxing and recharging. Here are a few ways how to bring new life into an old deck. 

Real estate agents say that the kitchen is the most important room in the house but could the deck actually take that title in the summer? Most homeowners wouldn’t hesitate to invest money into the kitchen for the great return on investment, and there’s no reason that strategy shouldn’t go into breathing new life into a deck as well. Here are some projects to fit that bill: 

New Deck Boards

Replacing the floor boards on your deck is a multi-functional project. One, it boosts the appearance but at the same time it also increases the safety if the boards are starting to get a little worse for wear. 

New deck boards go a long way in invigorating new life into your platform. If your deck has sound footings and good structural integrity then sometimes replacing just the deck boards is all you need to get another 15+ years of enjoyment out of the area. 

A real deck upgrade would consist of changing up the material types of the boards. As long as it fits within the style of your railings consider composite or cedar to replace your standard pressure treated pine. If your current boards are in excellent shape, stripping them and painting them a much darker color to add contrast to the railing creates a very noticeable new look. 

Spindle Upgrade 

One of the reasons you love your deck is the view – but that can be inhibited depending on the type of balusters (spindle) you have installed.  Many of our customers have opted to switch out their long-tired wood spindles with new modern ones that open up the view while also giving a more modern touch to the look. 

There are also glass balusters to consider especially if your deck has a great view overlooking the lake or a hillside. These still provide the safety of normal spindles but also open up the view and make the deck look bigger. 

Add a Covered Top 

Some homeowners like to add a covered portion of the deck space to protect from sun and rain. These structures are great if you ever want to build the area into a 3-seasons room. One idea for a deck upgrade without all the extensive renovation is adding a pergola to the existing platform. This is a great way to bring new life into an old deck. 

A pergola provides shade plus they are cool features that boost curb appeal. Pergolas provide the support for outdoor lighting or even a ceiling fan to increase your comfort. Retractable shades can be used on those really hot days as we try anything we can to maximize outdoor time before the mercury starts to drop. 

Adding Square Footage 

It’s hard to remember a single customer that has ever said they wished their deck was smaller. Sometimes the existing deck is just what you get when you move in though. Adding on to an existing deck is a great project because it expands your living space all the while the bones of the structure are already in place. Here is how adding square footage can bring life into an old deck:

Multi-level decks provide great aesthetics and functionality to your home. One level for barbecue, one level for eating, drinking, and entertaining while another is just for relaxing. Even if the room is not there for adding a multi-level deck, you’ll be surprised how much square footage you use of something like a wrap-around deck. Wrap-around decks are especially nice because you can alter your gathering to the optimum comfort side of the house for sun/shade/wind. 

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