Home Exterior Remodeling

Exterior remodeling can dramatically change the appearance of your home.  Our exterior remodeling foreman has been helping the people in the Minneapolis Metro transform their homes for nearly 40 years.  His experience and the relationships he has built make him one of the best in the area.  He recently stepped away from his own business to work with us and do what he loves: work with his hands.

Exterior remodeling

The biggest question in design is if choosing a high-end design firm will provide a better return on your investment. And the answer is not necessarily. In most situations, you will get a great design, but you will pay extra for that design through the large overall mark up of the job.  We believe that design is a separate element just like project management.  High-end design firms will take the total cost of the job and add a percentage to it for their profit. This can be as little as 50% and in most cases well above that mark.  We believe design is essential in the process. However, we don’t believe that you should have to pay a high premium on the overall cost to get that design.  With today’s technology, design can be put together relatively quickly with the right information on what it is that you are looking to do.

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Commercial exterior remodeling

You can get high-end exterior commercial remodeling without the price tag of a high-end design firm.  When we sit with you to gather your ideas and thoughts on your remodel we will go over the different design items you request.  We work with a range of certified designers that can help you create the perfect vision for your exterior home improvement ideas.

Home Remodeling Contractors

Snap Construction believe our process will help you save a minimum of 10% on the overall cost of your exterior remodel while equaling the design planning and execution standards of a high-end design firm.