Solar Powered Roof Vents in Minnesota

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Looking to increase both performance and environmental awareness in your home?  Solar venting may be the efficient, green solution you have been searching for.  Solar Powered Roof Vents in Minnesota are a new technology, and Snap Construction is one of the few companies if not only company in the Midwest currently utilizing this recent innovation.

What is solar venting?  Solar powered attic vents have an internal fan that sucks stagnant air out of your home’s attic.  The fan is powered by the sun, so there is no need for additional work in wiring the units.  Simply set them up on the roof and let them go to work!

Solar Powered Roof Vents in Minnesota are a new technology

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Why is it important? As you all know, proper attic ventilation helps to save energy bills by maintaining a consistent circulation of fresh air through your attic, reducing the trapped heat in your attic causing condensation.   Your standard roof vents can ventilate enough to per unit to take care of 200 square feet of attic space.  One low powered solar vent can do the work of 2 standard vents, and the high power versions can do the work of 5!

What does this mean?  You can never have too much ventilation in your attic.  Clean, fresh air that is constantly ventilated through your attic will help to reduce mold and moisture.  It will help to reduce the wear and tear on the most important component within your home: your roof!  We have found in testing that solar powered roof vents can reduce the temperature in your attic up to ten percent