Rolled Insulation

Looking for new Rolled Insulation?  We can not only help you with that, but can also review your home energy efficiency before and after to help you see the results of energy efficiency programs.  Just request a free energy audit when you call or submit a request for a complimentary quote.  It’s that Easy! Snap Construction is BPI certified.  We can help improve your home’s overall energy efficiency. Our extensive insulation installation experience also means that we can create the best overall attic insulation system out there.  Not only can we make sure you have enough insulation, but we can make sure if is also the right kind. We can make sure your attic is properly ventilated for its size. We can also test for and seal and sources of air leaks, including through minor cracks, can lights, and more.

Batt , or rolled, insulation is made made of rock wool, fiberglass, natural or synthetic fibers, batt or roll insulation is typically placed in floors, ceilings, and/or open walls. It is an essential component to your home’s overall insulation and ventilation balance.  Properly functioning attic insulation is a key component in the prevention of ice dams and creating a comfortable house. Before installing batt insulation, you, or your insulation expert, will want to determine where extra insulation is needed and how much extra insulation is needed.

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