Why It’s a Good Idea to Get a Home Remodel Quote

If you’re a homeowner, you’ve probably thought about investing in your property at least once. At Snap Construction, our clients put money back into their homes for a variety of reasons – to increase market value, to boost quality of living, etc. Learn why it’s a good idea to get a home remodel quote.

As a homeowner you may have renovation goals, and maybe don’t know how to go about attaining them. Our response is that it all starts with getting a quote. Snap Construction offers free estimates on a wide variety of projects. 

Get a Quote on Multiples / a Variety of Projects

The scenario is that you have the money for investing in your home but you don’t know how, where, or why to invest it. There are three questions you need to ask yourself in regards to why you are renovating: 

  • Is the project to boost quality of living? (living there)
  • Is the project to increase my home’s market value (selling)
  • Do I just want a more valuable property (rent out, AirBnB)
  • Is something old and needs replacement?

Renovation Information 

Real estate agents have a guideline to follow depending on where you’re at with your property. You renovate for now, but also want an increased market value down the line. Great project examples in this scope include kitchen upgrades and master bedroom remodels. 

If you want more value when preparing to sell, consider finishing a basement / garage or converting an attic into a bedroom. Another project for a more valuable property could be building a deck or adding on a 3-seasons room. 

It Starts With a Quote

If you own a home or are purchasing on a land contract, upgrades are undoubtedly in the back of your mind. The remodels could come in a year, or you could have a 10-year plan. Either way, the process always starts with a quote. 

The first reason to give Snap Construction a call for a home remodel quote is because IT’s FREE! From there, hashing out the details of the project with a professional is invaluable. You may think you have the project scope dialed in only to find there were some very crucial details you overlooked. 

Another major reason to call us for a quote is to know what kind of budget you have to plan for. Knowing roughly how much the project is going to cost not only gives you a price to save or finance for, but also helps the contractor create a timeline on when you’ll have those funds available. 

Last but not least, getting a quote just simply never hurts. It’s nice to know the going rates for projects in and around the Twin Cities area. It’s nice to know the scope too. Sometimes (many times) renovations aren’t as easy as they seem and there are a lot more details involved than you ever considered. 

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