Tips for Neighbors and Your Renovation Project

While the process of undergoing a home renovation – no matter the size – is an exciting time, it admittedly can also be a stressful one. Losing access to areas of your home, even while they are being improved, could be considered an inconvenience. Read about some helpful tips for neighbors and your renovation project. 
Homeowners will gladly deal with a slight “nuisance” of home construction because the end result is an increase in quality of living and an improvement in the market value of your property. There is one party where the inconvenience has no reward however – your neighbors. Home construction can sometimes mess with the flow of the neighborhood, but it’s a necessary evil. Here are ways to make everybody in the area as comfortable as possible during the time of your project:

Inform Your Neighbors Prior to the Renovations

Being up front is one of the best ways to help minimize any complaints your neighbors may experience. Kindly inform them when the project is going to get underway, how long it is expected to last, and what the general scope of the work is going to be. The last thing you want is your neighbor getting awoken to random jackhammering at 7AM out of the blue. They still might not be happy when it happens, but at least they are aware ahead of time.

Work With the Contractor on Easing the Neighbors Qualms

One of the things we pride ourselves at Snap Construction is not only being friendly with our clients, but accommodating to their neighbors as well. We aim for a zero percent invasive presence to the properties surrounding our workspace. Sometimes the need for equipment and machinery to be in the area prevents an obstacle, but we will be up front with your neighbors before this happens. That, and we always leave a clean work area at the end of every day.

Provide Updates

It’s important to keep a clean line of communication with your neighborhood as the project evolves. It may be an especially noisy day or one with a lot of different contractors on site but let the homeowners in your community know it’s only for a certain phase of the work. By staying in touch with your neighbors during the project, you can convey any issues they may have right to the contractor and avoid getting entities like law enforcement or homeowners associations involved.

Show Appreciation Afterward

The last thoughtful gesture you can make after your renovation comes to completion is show appreciation to your neighbors for putting up with the process. If you just had a new deck built, break it in with a neighborhood barbecue. Even something as simple as a text shows gratitude and helps avoid any bad blood brewing between those who have to live within close proximity to each other every day.
For the most part, neighbors won’t care that you’re undergoing renovations to your house because:

  • Quality contractors make sure the nuisance to surrounding property is minimal
  • Property value of the entire area goes up when people invest in their homes
  • It’s likely that you neighbors will be going through the same situation when they contractor work down the line

It’s That Easy! We hope that these tips for neighbors and your renovation project helps make your next project a success.