Should You Replace Windows and Siding at the Same Time?

Should You Replace Windows and Siding at the Same Time? Tips If You Are Considering These Projects

Two projects with a great ROI in not only improved market value but other areas are window replacement and new siding. New windows especially offer a great return in lower utility bills, especially if the old models were single-paned. New siding also offers some increased thermal advantages depending on the type of material. Both projects will help to increase the overall curb appeal of your home.
Since these two projects are so closely intertwined (making up the exterior of your home) we are often asked if the Minneapolis siding and windows should be replaced at the same time. There are many routes to take to answer that:

Ideally, Yes!

In order to replace windows, you need to first get access. On the exterior of the home this means removing siding, trim, and other items that surround the window. Your replacement windows are often going to be the same size as the old ones, so the siding can be removed and replaced with ease – if it’s vinyl. Other siding types such as cedar or fiber cement run a higher risk of being damaged when removing and replacing to put the new windows in.
Another reason that it is beneficial to replace windows and siding at the same time is for curb appeal. Both boost curb appeal when replaced at the same time instead of having old siding and new windows, or vice versa.


The reason we say ‘ideally’ is because budget can be a concern on such an expansive exterior renovation. If you are going to replace one item before the other, many will suggest going with windows first. The reasons for this include:

  • You can instantly start recouping your investment on windows in the form of lower utility bills. The savings from reduced heating and AC bills can be put towards your new siding project down the road.
  • Windows should be installed first so that you can place the proper types of vapor barriers and insulation down. When you install new siding later on, you can install insulation directly up to the windows so that there are no gaps.
  • If you have new siding installed, the last thing you want to do is remove pieces of it in a few years to install windows – potentially risking damage to the siding in the process.

If your windows are providing adequate thermal resistance now – but your siding is damaged or has missing pieces then we recommend focusing on siding replacement. Damaged siding can cause energy loss, water damage, etc. This can lead to damaging the plywood and framing. This could cost more money in the long run if left unattended.
If you plan on having your Minneapolis siding installed before an upcoming window replacement, let us know when discussing the project. It never hurts to store up to a box of extra siding which can be very helpful in replacing pieces when the new windows are installed. Having extra siding in your garage or utility room is a general good practice in case there is any minor damage to pieces.
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