Patio Door Styles

Patio doors provide style and a glimpse into your backyard living space.
A common patio door style is a sliding door. They have a large area of glass which lets in light and can make the space feel larger. Sliding glass doors slide parallel with the wall meaning that it won’t interfere with furniture in the room.

A swinging patio door is basically the same style as a traditional door. For a patio door, they are sometimes hung in pairs and hinged on either side. A French door is another style of patio door that is hinged at the side jambs. The doors meet in the center when closed.

A more extravagant style of patio doors is a folding patio door. This style is not common due to the cost, but many homeowners may dream of it! This folding patio door system is like an accordion and can open a large area of a wall.

There are many patio door styles and options. Look at the space you have available and what you would like a patio door to do for you. Are you looking for a conversation piece or a traditional door? Some homeowners like traditional and simplicity and others enjoy a more modern option. When choosing a new patio door, contact Snap Construction to help provide a professional opinion and quote for replacement.