Minnesota Roof Types

Do you know what type of roof you have on your home? Minneapolis and St. Paul has many different styles of homes with varied roofs. When considering a new roof or repair in Minnesota, it is important to know what type of roof your home has. The shape and design can affect the overall cost to replace it.
A common residential Minnesota roof is the gable roof. Gable roofs are simple. It has open sides on both ends and sometimes more depending if there are supplementary gables on the home. Because there are open sides on either end, the roof is very breathable. This type of roof is easier on the pocket because there is less roofing material involved. A gable roof is the image that most people think of when you say the word ‘roof’.
A gambrel roof has two curved lines. This can be a more elegant approach to a roof. The roof slopes on each side that allows snow and water to slide off the roof more effortlessly. Minimal maintenance is required for this type of roof. Gambrel roofs are very common on farm buildings. This type of roof is easy to frame and build on most homes which make them more affordable.
When driving throughout the Twin Cities in Minnesota, you will notice that many business buildings have flat roofs. However, this type of roof also appears on some contemporary homes. A number of older homes have a flat roof if there is an addition or porch. If you go to a warmer state, you will notice that more homes have flat roofs. That is because if there is no snow, there is no danger of overload from snow build-up. In Minnesota, flat roofs require maintenance like clearing the snow to reduce the amount of weight on top. There is also maintenance required during the other seasons like clearing debris from the area. Flat roofs are one of the easiest roofs to install and are also one of the most affordable because there is less space to cover.
A hipped roof looks comparable to a pyramid. There are triangular sides that come to a point at the top of the roof. This roof requires minimal maintenance since all snow, water, and debris will easily slide off. However, this can be a more expensive repair or replacement roof because it is bigger and has more space to cover.
There are additional types of roofs but these are some of the most common. It is important that your Minneapolis roof is in good condition to protect your home. No matter what the style and size of your roof, Snap Construction can work with it! Give us a call for a free estimate on any and all of your roofing needs.

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