How to Start Planning a Spring Renovation Project

The snow has melted and sunnier, warmer days are here. Which means it’s time to start planning for spring renovation projects. The best way to prepare if you are having any remodeling done to your home this year is to start brainstorming now. Here are some ways to get ready for a spring renovation project. 
Plan the Design 
One of the main reasons to give yourself a lot of leeway (planning early) is so you can come up with a design that completely fulfills your needs and tastes. Whether you are planning a bathroom remodel, building a deck, or replacing your roof there are a lot of options to consider. 
Take a bathroom remodel for example. You need to plan a layout and decide what fixtures will be new and which will be existing. 
Get Estimates 
Once you know what you want to do for a renovation, the next step is to get an idea of the labor costs. Give contractors the scope of your project and see what they come up with in terms of price and timeline. At Snap Construction we always provide free estimates for Minneapolis roofing, siding, windows, insulation, and deck projects. 
Choose a Contractor 
When you decide to contract Snap Construction for your exterior home renovations, we will work on a groundbreaking date that suits your needs. Some of our customers want to wait a bit before construction starts so they can choose materials while others want to get the project underway ASAP. Some projects such as building a deck are better suited to wait until the weather warms up a bit so that footings can be placed into the ground. 
Acquire Permits / Financing
Whether your spring renovation project is going to be on the interior or the exterior of your home, the contractor will need to secure building permits before work begins. Once you know the projected project cost, you may also need to make the proper arrangements with your bank to secure financing such as a construction loan. 
Shop for Materials / Fixtures 
One other major reason for planning your spring renovation early is materials pricing. Also labor pricing may also be lower earlier in the season.
It can take time to decide what materials or colors you want for the renovation project. We recommend doing some research and comparing products to ensure you choose something you love!