Fiberglass Attic Insulation Minneapolis MN

Minneapolis fiberglass attic insulation

Updating your attic insulation means deciding which type of insulation you’d like in your home. Fiberglass insulation has been a great option for homeowners in deciding what will insulate your home the best.

Fiberglass attic insulation Minneapolis MN

Fiberglass insulation produced the top return on the cost of any other of the 30 projects in the Remodeling Magazine’s Cost versus Value group. They collected this data from RemodelIMAX. They estimated the cost of a fiberglass insulation project would average $1,268 nationwide. This project would also increase the price of a home at resale by $1,482. That is a return of 116.9%!

Curious as to what a fiberglass insulation project includes? A Bloomington roofing and insulation installer, like Snap Construction, will address any air leakage and seal the entire attic space. The installer would then fill the space with fiberglass loosefill insulation. This can be added on top of insulation that is already in the attic. The requirements of attic insulation are R-30, so the fiberglass would be filled to that amount at a minimum. Snap Construction will fill the attic space with more insulation than the required R-Value. Some consider R-30 to fall short of the national required energy codes so ask all potential installers what they plan to fill to.

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Conclusion for Minneapolis fiberglass attic insulation

This cost vs. value for fiberglass insulation has provided some projects with at least a 100% return on investment. Projects that came in close to fiberglass are stone veneer and garage door updates.

When it comes to updating your insulation, contact your attic insulation Minneapolis to see what option is best for your home, and your wallet!

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