Do You Need New Windows Installed?

It makes sense that when you’re considering exterior home improvement upgrades that the list would include a roof, siding, and possibly new windows / doors. In theory, the project that would provide the best return of investment on that list would be the one that you’d probably notice the least – new window installation. 

New windows provide a slight curb appeal boost to your home but the real ROI comes from increased energy efficiency. 

Old, single-paned units could be costing you hundreds of dollars a month in heating costs – literally right out the window. Double-paned and insulated windows also save you money by retaining cooled air in the summer. At the same time though, if your windows are relatively modern you’re not going to see a huge boost in efficiency with new products. 

  • Answering the Question, “How Do I Know if I Need New Windows?” 

The first way to know if it’s time for Minneapolis window replacements is by looking at the cosmetics. Wooden window frames that aren’t properly maintained are going to start rotting. This creates holes that let air escape but it also makes so that the windows don’t seal like they are supposed to. Also if there’s water getting in – there’s definitely air getting in (and out). The good thing about rotted windows is that you can repair them on an as-needed basis and not a full overhaul.

Windows will definitely need to be replaced if you can feel (or hear) a draft coming through even when the units are closed. If this happens on one window, the repair could just be some caulking or spray foam to fill the gaps. If all your windows are drafty they are either (a) old/low quality or (b) all installed improperly. An inspection will help you determine the next step in this case.

Condensation or fog forming on a window is also a sign that at least one window will need to be replaced. There’s an insulating gas between the panes of high-quality windows which sometimes escapes. When condensation forms, it means the warmth from one side of the glass (inside or outside the house) meets the cold from the other. 

  • New Windows and Your Home

Age is another thing to look at for if it’s time for a window replacement. If you’re approaching 15 or 20 years since installation it’s probably a good time to start budgeting for this project. Climate and seasons can impact the overall lifespan as well.

Also if you see your heating or cooling bills climbing higher than usual without an increase in rates, it’s an indicator that windows are starting to fail (or are open somewhere). If you’d like, Snap Construction can do an inspection for the telltale signs of whether you need a replacement or repair. Call today to schedule! 612-333-SNAP