Cost to Remove Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn Ceiling

A few factors affect the cost to remove popcorn ceilings. Popcorn ceilings aren’t in style like they used to be, and homeowners are choosing to remove this unappealing ceiling texture. Many homeowners and potential homebuyers find this style unattractive. You might choose to DIY or hire a roofing contractor Blaine. Read on to learn about the costs associated with removing popcorn ceilings.

Cost To Remove Popcorn Ceiling

The first step to removing popcorn ceiling

The first step is to test for asbestos. The homeowner or contractor can spray water onto an area, remove a sample and send it to a testing facility. If asbestos is present, the cost of the project will be significantly higher.

A qualified contractor will charge $3 to $7 per square foot for asbestos abatement, says. Removing a popcorn ceiling’s asbestos can increase the price by a minimum of $900 for a 15-by-20-foot room or $4,500 for a home with 1,600 square feet.

How to remove popcorn ceiling texture. Scraping all popcorn texture from the ceiling is the first step. If you decide on a DIY popcorn ceiling removal, the materials to scrape off the texture will cost around $30 at your local hardware store. However, understand this project is tedious and also very messy.

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After the popcorn is gone, you will need to apply drywall mud over the ceiling and sand it flat. Hanging a new drywall over the ceiling to create a clean and smooth surface can cost between $160 and $200 for a 12-by-12-foot room.

If you choose to DIY, these steps require more materials and additional costs. From start to finish, you will need a drop cloth, a ceiling texture scraper or wide tool for scraping, a putty knife, hammer, joint compound, sandpaper, primer, paint and painting tools, including rollers, brush trays.

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Hiring Snap Construction to complete this project is the easiest option. So how much does it cost if you hire a contractor? You can expect to see anywhere from $1 to $3 per square foot. This pricing translates to roughly $250 to $900 for a 15-by-20-foot room or $1,200 to $4,800 for a home with 1,600 square feet, says. Remember, though, certain factors, such as asbestos removal and the size of the room, may affect this price, so be prepared for any possible scenario and additional costs.

If you have the patience and dedication to DIY, go for it! Otherwise having a contractor complete this project will help to avoid unnecessary headaches.