Home Improvement Ideas This Spring

Spring Ideas For Home Improvement

Have you ever considered giving a gift of home improvement ideas this spring? It’s often overlooked, but one of the best gifts is the gift of home improvement renovations. Even if it is just some helpful tips on renovations, it works! Home remodeling is something that you can feel great about for years to follow – and increases your home’s value.

In Minnesota, consider what projects would be most beneficial as a homeowner. Maybe it is a simple outdoor living space like a patio or deck. Or maybe it is something bigger like a new roof or siding. One of our field representatives can evaluate your home and determine what projects are best for your home.

home improvement ideas this spring

Minor kitchen remodel

Some homeowners might think of a kitchen as the most important room in the home, and there are numerous ways to give your kitchen a little facelift without spending a significant amount of money. Even a remodel as small as new flooring, new countertops, or upgraded appliances can make a big difference. A fresh coat of paint can bring life to a kitchen space. A kitchen remodel is something everyone can enjoy as the room serves as a food prep area, a spot to eat, and a place to entertain to name a few.

Attic conversion

If your home has an attic that is sitting barren, consider the opportunity to increase your home’s market value. Turning that space into an extra bedroom, a craft room, or just a place to get some peace and quiet is a great home improvement idea.

Deck / Patio / three seasons room

Another great home improvement idea is an outdoor living space to enjoy. Minneapolis decks, patios, and three seasons rooms are not only a place to entertain and relax – they improve your home’s value while also adding to the curb appeal of your home.

Radiant floor heating

Wouldn’t it be nice to give the gift of no more freezing feet when you step on a bedroom or bathroom floor? Radiant heating is on the surface a comfort renovation but the benefits are much, much, more. The heat that emanates from your floor covers the whole room and not just where the air vents are. This eliminates drafts. That extra source of heat also allows you to turn down the HVAC which prolongs your furnace life span as well.

“Pay You Back” renovations

A house with a new Minneapolis roof, high-efficiency insulation, or window upgrades is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Some of these are renovations that save you money on a monthly basis in terms of lower utility bills. When your utilities are hundreds of dollars less annually than you’re used to paying, those savings can go to vacations, new automobiles, and more.

How do you want to improve your home this year?