Who doesn’t want to increase the market value of their property? We all do. Homeowners spend thousands of dollars to renovate their homes but it doesn’t always uplift the property’s value as they had hoped.

With so many renovating options before us, it can be difficult to pick the right one. This article will help you know about the options that have a high ROI.

The right kind of renovation can help you enjoy a good amount of profit if you ever decide to sell your home. However, this also largely depends on the St Paul Construction Company that you choose to work with. Snap Construction was one of the first construction companies to guarantee our craftsmanship for life.

St Paul Construction Company

St Paul Construction Company

Let’s have a look at things you can do to increase the market value of your property:

  1. Landscaping

The ROI for installing various landscape options outside your home is almost 100%. Consider opting for a deck and patio. These options increase the value of your home by providing additional living space during the warmer months.

As your Top St Paul Construction Company, we can help you build the right patio and deck, within your budget, keeping in mind the available space and other necessary factors.

You can also go for hardscape options such as wood, stone, bricks, etc. They not only enhance the aesthetics of your home but will also increase the value of your property.

You can also consider installing a few outdoor lights if you have a pathway that leads to your house. It will keep the house well lit and also enhance its appearance.

  1. Hardwood Floors

There are a plethora of flooring options available which makes it daunting to choose one. If your goal is to increase your home’s value then we recommend that you go for hardwood flooring. Hardwood flooring is a timeless look and adds value to the home.

Hardwood flooring is a good option even if you intend to live in the house before you sell it. It’s quite durable and easy to maintain. Pick the right professional St Paul Construction Company for design ideas and installation estimates.

  1. Insulation

Upgrading your insulation provides a high return on investment. It not only increases your home’s value but also helps reduce energy bills by restricting air from escaping or entering the house. Reputable St Paul Insulation Company can insulate your home in a professional manner and make sure that all necessary areas are properly insulated.

  1. Window Replacement

Older windows not only downgrade the home’s look but also account for a decrease in the value of your property. Therefore, consider hiring a reputable St Paul Construction Company like us to replace the windows.

We are an experienced company and can perform the job in a professional and affordable manner. If you any misconceptions about roofs then look for advice from st paul roof inspection.


Do not go for an as-is basis and consider upgrading your house before you put it up on the market for sale. This will not only allow you to enjoy more profit but may also help sell the house quicker. Click here to know more in detail about siding replacement estimate.

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100% Satisfied!!

“100% Satisfied!! Best experience I've ever had with a contractor to date! Not only was the job done well, but they were upfront and realistic on a timeline, and held to the initial estimated date.”

Ellie C.

Very responsive

“Snap Construction was very responsive in providing an estimate and executing the work. The contract was highly detailed and descriptive. The team was only here for about a day and a half and worked efficiently and carefully. The manager followed up with a personal visit and inspection and completed clean-up and touch-ups.”

Carolyn M.

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“Matt and the crew at Snap Construction were just a pleasure to work with. So buttoned up, fulfilled all his promises. They also followed COVID protocols and cleaned up perfectly. I highly recommend Matt and Snap!”

Bruce B.

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“We had a great experience. The salespeople are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the products. Their price was very competitive for custom windows. The install crew was professional and tidy. Highly recommended.”

Henry Johnan