As a homeowner, you will need to deal with several household issues from time to time. While some of them are minor, some may require immediate attention. These include water damage, which can lead to serious consequences if not paid attention to.

It is important to not neglect the horrors that leaking pipes and heavy rain can bring. In fact, around 14,000 water damage emergencies are experienced by Americans on a daily basis with the average insurance claim standing at $6,958.

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These stats show just how troublesome the situation can get. The best option is to be proactive and prevent a situation from worsening. You can contact your insurance restoration contractor if you see signs of damage.

Here are some tips on how to inspect and identify water damage:

How To Inspect The Area

Some corners of a home are more prone to water damage than others. These include the ceiling, walls, and foundations. The right approach to finding water damage is to start observing these areas:

Roof: A cracked, damaged or dulled roof can be a sign of water damage. Look for stains, mold, and missing shingles.

Floors: Look for strange thumping sounds on the floor when you step on it. When water seeps into the ground, it warps and buckles the floor.

Walls: Look for large, ring-like stains on the walls. These stains appear when water remains accumulated inside the walls for too long.

How To Identify Water Damage

Here are some valuable tips from an insurance restoration contractor on how to identify water damage.

Wet Areas And Stains

If there’s a corner that always appears wet or damp then hurry up and get in touch with Snap Construction or any other insurance restoration contractor.

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This is a major sign of water damage and needs immediate attention. Plus, at times, you may also see big or small stains around the area. They form due to chemical reactions and may even lead to the formation of mold.

The stains formed can be of copper, golden, yellow or brown color. These stains spread quickly and may also cause the paint to peel off. Therefore, contacting your insurance restoration contractor should be your first priority if you see such stains or wet areas in your house or office.

Standing Water

Standing water is typically a sign of something being wrong with the construction. A leaking roof or wall may cause water to accumulate in one place. This water may get absorbed into the ground and lead to more problems.

This is why you should waste no time in getting in touch with an insurance restoration contractor to look into the issue. However, at times, the problem may be due to an appliance causing leaks.

It’s common for the dishwasher, washing machine, heater or other such appliances to leak. Look into the matter quickly and get professional help if you need it.

Texture Changes In The Floor

Most homeowners prefer to have wooden or tiled floors due to their benefits. However, water can cause your flooring to look stained and unattractive. Plus, it can also seep in deep and deteriorate the structure.

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Wood, for example, can weaken if exposed to water for too long. You may hear and feel a strange thump when you walk on a wooden floor that has been damaged due to water.

Water damage is also capable of warping your floors (creating gaps between floorboards).

On the other hand, laminate floors may also get damaged due to water. They usually expand when exposed to water and must be taken care of.

If you see such signs and symptoms then call Snap Construction at 612-333-7627. We can help with any storm damage restoration like roofing, siding, windows, insulation, or decks.

Detectable Odor

Drywall can cause a bad odor when it comes into contact with water. This odor can be mild or strong but should be paid attention to as its a major sign of water damage.


Plus, it also indicates the presence of mold, which can lead to health hazards.


If you see any of these signs and symptoms then waste no time and get in touch with us. We have been in the business for years and can deal with your insurance company on your behalf.

Snap Construction in Minneapolis is among the best insurance restoration contractors. Call 612-333-7627 to speak to an agent.

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