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Minneapolis can be hit by hail storms every summer. Because of this, it is recommended to have high-quality roofing materials on your residential or commercial property. To do this, you need a highly-skilled professional to be able to access and assess the damage from the hail storms. When the damage of the hail storm is not repaired on time it can highly deteriorate the roof. This can lead to leaks and damage the insulation, ceiling, and Sheetrock. If you suspect there is any storm damage, contact and hire licensed Minneapolis roofing contractors to schedule a roof inspection.

When seeking the help of a Minneapolis roofing company, ensure the roofing company is reliable. This can be done by looking at the reviews and rates on local review websites like Angie’s List, Google, Facebook, and Yelp. The contractor’s website should portray a hardworking company that puts the customer first and has helped many homeowners. The roofing company should be well equipped with equipment, crews, and materials to ensure that they offer you with the best services for a roof replacement after a storm.

Minneapolis Roofing

Thoroughly find roofing contractors near me as the contractors in Minneapolis should have professionally skilled installers who can take up the task of repairing, replacing, and installing roofs. The roofing contractor should have an active Minnesota building license and a permit for them to provide roofing services in Minneapolis.

A great roofing contractor will also ensure that the materials provided are eco-friendly and new as per the client’s agreements. Some of the older roofs may have chemicals that can affect the health of individuals so it is important the company is licensed and can efficiently remove and dispose of old materials. Contact your neighbors and friends to receive recommendations on a contractor that you want to hire as this may reduce the possibility of employing the services of poorly skilled workers.

You should choose a contractor that is locally owned and well known within your area as this helps you eliminate the possibility of engaging the services of a scam. The roofing contractors should have a great open line for communication to make certain that their clients are well informed of the processes taking place and they can make changes to the roofing projects and adding details on the project. Look for metal roofing contractors near me if you require someone who has specific expertise in a particular category.

Snap Construction is a company that has been licensed to work on both residential and commercial roofing in and around the Twin Cities area. The construction company focuses on ensuring that you get new roofs during the construction of homes and the remodeling of houses that have been destroyed by strong rains and storms. Snap Construction has won Angie’s List Super Service Award multiple times, making it an A-rated company on Angie’s list. It has great reviews on:

You can go through the reviews and make your conclusion on what you would like to be done and how you would like your project handled. We offer highly durable roofs that serve you for a long period of time.

At Snap Construction, we ensure that our clients get full personalized services as we understand that every client has a unique personality and preferences. Local roofing contractors work around your schedule, to make sure that we set up a meeting that enables us to understand your requests on the roofing system.

We offer our clients with a variety of roofing options that they can choose from, this aide in making sure that our clients are satisfied with the roofing option that they pick. The roofs are a great part of the house; hence we ensure that we provide quality roofs to match the interior and the exterior of your house.

Snap Construction works with your budget and in cases where you need financial aid, we can provide information on loans and financing.  For roofing in Minneapolis, our company has a strategic alliance with major companies like the CEE and some local partners with state programs that offer you financial assistance.

Metal roofing systems have taken the market by storm. Employing the help of professional companies such as Snap Construction enables you to choose a metal roofing system that can easily accommodate your wants and preferences.

Different roofing systems:

I.  Asphalt shingles

These are traditional roof systems with asphalt shingles. This type of roof system is not as expensive as a metal roof. There are a variety of color options available for asphalt shingles. This is the most common type of roof in the Twin Cities area.

II. Stone-coated system

As the name suggests, these are stone- coated roofing systems that are easy to maintain and is made of recyclable elements thus making them environment-friendly. It is energy efficient and requires little maintenance, as you only need to sweep off the debris and leaves to avoid it from staining. They are able to withstand strong hailstorms, fires, stamping, and rust without the occurrence of the roof crack.

III. Standing seam system

These are roofing systems that are made of vertical standing metallic sheet panels. They have beautiful views and a very long life span. They are low maintenance as the damaged panels can be repaired by only replacing them without having to remove the entire roofing system, rendering them cost-effective. It prevents ice dams during winter thus improving the energy efficiency of your house. The screws of the building are concealed by the help of fasteners that cannot be easily pointed out. They are categorized by the simple yet bold appearance and its characteristic to serve homeowners longer than the other residential roofing systems.

Snap Construction also offers home insulation services to reduce energy bills and wasted energy. They also install and repair gutters and gutter guards that make sure that water stays away from your home, thus not staining the exterior walls of your house.

The products we use are environmentally friendly and make certain that they attend to their clients at any time of the day, hence the 24- hour a day 7- days a week policy. Snap Construction has years of experience working for the community of Minneapolis and surrounding cities.

The following are some of the roofing companies that offer commercial roofing services in Minneapolis, as rated and reviewed by their clients. The Minneapolis roofing is affordable and offers quality services.

The roofing company that you choose should be able to advise you on the best roofing materials to use and the type of roof that you should have installed in your house.

The services should be affordable; they should offer you with contractors who have a keen eye on detail so that they cannot miss any damage that may not be easily identified. They help you save on costs and save more as they do not have to pay for the same service twice.  Minneapolis roofing should be done by individuals who are familiar with the weather conditions, and roofing systems, therefore, enabling your roof to meet the standards that have been set in Minneapolis and in Minnesota.

Roofing Company Minneapolis

When selecting a roofing company, consider the following:

  1. Employ the services of the highly-rated construction company. Check their reviews on multiple websites.
  2. You should make sure that the roofing contractors offer a warranty on products and craftsmanship. Insurance companies do not pay for poorly installed roofs making you pay for the constructor’s mistakes. The warranty enables you to be compensated when you start experiencing issues such as roof leakages or any other possible craftsmanship errors.
  3. Make sure you get local referrals from your neighbors as this reduces the chances of seeking the services of scammers. Local referrals enable you to work with roofing contractors who are familiar with the local policies, rules and code regulations.
  4. Ensure that your roofing contractor observes proper safety requirements at all times throughout the project. Installers should be certified and have experience with roofing replacements.
  5. The company should ensure all its employees and all the sub-constructors that are working for them. The company should be able to provide a valid insurance cover certificate for easy verification. The insurance cover is important as it prevents any form of litigation between the roofing company and contractor in instances where a contractor or employee is injured during the roofing process.
  6. Check and make sure that you verify the license of the company to ensure that they are an active company in Minnesota. The license ensures that the company will provide excellent professional services for them to be able to keep their licenses.
  7. The construction company you have contracted should stay in close communication with you throughout the process from start to finish. Phone calls, emails, and on-site visits are expected for a high-rated company.

Roofing Reviews

Snap Construction has been a trusted local roofing contractor serving the Minneapolis, MN, area since 2007, and is proud to have earned a reputation for excellence in all that we do. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers are saying about us.


“I highly recommend SNAP Construction for roofing projects. They recently replaced the roof on my house in south Minneapolis and the whole process went incredibly smooth. The new roof looks great! Our project manager, Tim Lahr, was fantastic too and great to deal with. He was very responsive with answering questions and even QC'd the work after the crew was done. A+++ Full service, happy ending:)”

Dan S.

Highly recommended!

“We had a terrific experience with Matt and Snap Construction. We needed a new roof after a hail storm. Matt came out, gave us an estimate and a timetable for completion. His team was outstanding. The work was done on time and they did a terrific job of cleaning up, no leftover nails leading to flat tires! Highly recommended!”

Peter T.

Couldn't be happier

“Couldn't be happier with the work that Matt Thomes and the crew at Snap did on our new roof. Very easy to work with, excellent quality, and amazing customer service. We love our new roof and would definitely recommend Matt and Snap Construction to friends.”

Michael F.

Very impressed

“Snap construction did a wonderful job on our roof. We got quotes from a few places and they were by far the cheapest, but also were very detailed with their process that I knew we were still receiving the highest quality of services. They completed our roof in a day and installed gutter guards for us a few days later, and that process only took maybe an hour. Very impressed, very professional, very thorough. ”

Lauren F.

Thanks for the great work!

“We had a roof installation and Matt was very responsive and professional. The whole job was finished in two days. Good communication throughout the whole process. Quick response and fair price. The new roof looks good and solid. Thanks for the great work!”

Sid C.
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