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Roofing Minneapolis MN Company understands how important a rood is to your home

Roofing minneapolis mnDo you have a leaking roof? Are your shingles falling off? Did you hire the right contractor? Did you buy the right roofing materials? These are worries that every home owner goes when trying to install a new roof or when doing maintenance on their existing roof. Selecting a roofing contractor to repair an existing roof or install a new one or can be a daunting task. After all, the contractor will climb the ladder and tear apart your roof.

If you make the wrong choices, you are likely to end up with a poorly installed roof that will result to loads of problems in the near future and will cost you more. Our Roofing Minneapolis MN Company understands how important a rood is to your home.

We understand that it is the first line of defense against the elements of weather and other natural and physical elements. Thus, it is our major goal to ensure that your roof is at the tip top condition which will go a long way in keeping your entire Minneapolis MN home in great condition.

We are more than just a roofing company; we pride ourselves in providing the best products, services and experiences, in all building exteriors. Roofing Minneapolis MN delivers the most innovative, quality, and up-to-date roof building technology ranging from secure structure sealants to below grade waterproofing to rooftop installations and more, which are installed on schedule, and within budget.

2. Get Local Referrals

It is very unlikely that a homeowner will run into potential issues or scams if he or she chooses a company from the local area i.e. Minneapolis, MN roofing contractors. They’re more conversant with the local rules and codes of regulations. They also have a better relationship with the local suppliers and the crews.

3. Understand Your Choices of Material

Avoid companies that don’t offer you different shingle options since they’re not looking out for your best interest. Keep in mind that the color and the style of the shingles will determine the resale value of your home in future.

If your insurance company pays for the installation of new roof, take advantage of that opportunity to upgrade to a more stylish shingle design which suits your taste. Therefore, you should contact roofing companies that offer a broad range of color and design choices for your homes.

Roofing Company Minneapolis MN

4. Proper Insurance and Licensing

Roofing companies must insure all their contractors, subcontractors and other employees. So, they should provide a valid copy of their insurance certificate. If a roofing employee is injured at home and there isn’t proper insurance, it could result in litigation between a company and a homeowner.

While all Minneapolis, MN roofing companies must obtain the necessary licensing from authorities, a few unlicensed contractors can still attempt to offer local roofing services. Ensure your company provides you with a valid copy of their license. Confirm the status of the license online.

5. Research Better Business Bureau (BBB) Ratings

After a damaging storm, some new companies will emerge claiming to provide local roofing services. It is highly recommended to check about them on the BBB website and confirm they have a good score.

Avoid companies who don’t exist on Roofing companies must maintain satisfactory ratings with the BBB for them to retain their certification.

6. Pay Your Deductible

Stay away from any company that claims to handle the installation, repair or replacement of roof without asking the homeowner to pay their insurance deductible since they’re committing insurance fraud. In fact, it’s endangering the homeowner.

It’s your responsibility of the insured to pay the insurance deductible. The company’s quotation should reflect that without inflating the estimate to cover whole or part of deductible.


You need to consider your choice of a roofing company very carefully. You must do adequate research them before hiring them. You will significantly reduce potential problems if you hire a good roofing company in terms of workmanship, reliability, and price.

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