Hail Damage and Your Roof Minnesota

After the major storms that went through Minnesota this past weekend and caused damage to some communities, homeowners are often curious to see whether their Bloomington roof has experienced enough damage to be eligible for an insurance claim. Snap Construction is able to go out to your property and do a free storm damage evaluation. Read about some signs that it is damaged from a storm and see if it is time for a roof replacement.

There are multiple hail indicators to look for on your home and roof. Many factors depend on the strength of the storm, size of hail, and the wind along with it. The building materials used also may or may not stand up to hail damage compared to others. It is important that after a hail storm that you contact your insurance company as well as a professional for an evaluation.

Bruising can happen when hail hits your roof and “bruises” the surface. The hail causes the granules to be dispersed and creates a small indent on the roof. Over time, if more bruising occurs, your roof cannot properly protect your home.

Missing or loose granules can be a sign that your roof is nearing the end of its life. However, it could be a result of hail damage. A professional can tell which scenario is present by checking the roofing underlayment. A discolored underlayment shows that this is something that has been going on for a while. If it still generally the same, then the missing or loose granules are likely from hail damage.

In certain areas of Minnesota this past weekend, some homes may have been hit with hail up to two inches. When wind is accompanied with this, the hail can actually crack areas of your roof. If you suspect that this could have happened, call a professional as soon as possible. Ignoring this situation could result in a leaking roof.
Strong storms with hail can cause damage to your roof vents. If a vent is dented and damaged, the rest of the roof likely has damage. If there is a storm and you suspect there is storm damage to your home, do not hesitate to call Snap Construction!

Contact your insurance company and a local, reputable contractor like Snap Construction, who can offer a professional opinion and information on repair and replacement costs. Snap will work hand in hand with your insurance company to get your home back to where it should be. Snap is here to help with any storm damage or other home project like Bloomington roofing, siding, windows, doors, insulation, decks, and more!

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