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5 Golden Rules for Finding a Professional Roof Replacement Contractor in Minneapolis

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One of the most challenging and daunting tasks any homeowner needs to face when deciding to replace the roof is finding the right contractor for the job. With so many roof replacement contractors available in Minneapolis, finding the best one might seem an impossible task.

Tips for Hiring a Roof Replacement Contractor Minneapolis

In order to make sure you hire the best roof replacement contractor, here are 5 golden rules to keep in mind:

1. Search for local referrals

First and foremost, you need to look locally. Local contractors must have worked with numerous local homeowners, so you can definitely get a few good recommendations. There is far less chances of a scam if you choose a contractor recognized in the local community than by searching directly online.

2. Look at the experience

You should not just look at the years of experience in the business, but determine the actual years of experience with replacing roofs. The roof replacement business is quite different than shingle repair, roof repair or roof maintenance.

As an experienced contractor in roof repair, we have over (note: Add your company’s number of years of experience) in repairing roofs for both residential and commercial clients. You can count on our experience to tackle your project in a timely manner.

3. Past projects

In addition to years of experience, look at the company’s past projects. Were the customers happy? Did they experience any issues? How did the company solve major problems? Were they able to exceed expectations?

Once you find a few contractors you are comfortable with, call each office and ask for past project or previous recommendations. A serious company will be willing to recommend you a few of their past customers and will send you real photos or video materials with past projects. Keep in mind that scammers can steal good-looking photos, but cannot fabricate videos or offer detailed explanations of each project.

When you will contact us, we will provide you with a list of past projects, together with all the necessary details to prove that our roof replacement services are top-quality.

Minneapolis MN Roofing4. Check for proper insurance & licensing

The fourth and probably the most important golden rule for finding a professional roof replacement contractor in Minneapolis is to ensure the employer has proper insurance in place for both employees and subcontractors. Without adequate insurance, you expose yourself to potential litigation and lawsuits in case an accident occurs.

Additionally, the contractor needs to be licensed with the state of Minnesota. As a licensed roofing contractor in this state, we hold appropriate levels of Workers Compensation and we have proper Liability Coverage. By hiring us, you can rest assured that your property is on good hands.

5. Trustworthy

Ultimately, you want to hire a roof replacement contractor Minneapolis that is trustworthy. For us, trustworthiness and transparency are two of the most important policies. We keep you up to date with all of our work and with the timeline of your project. With us, you’ll never have to guess the outcome.

Hire us now and leverage our experience, expertise, transparency, insurance to enjoy our high-quality roof replacement services in Minneapolis.

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