Like scallops, shakes are a staple of classic American home design.  Snap Construction is a top rated siding contractor with extensive Shake Siding Installation and Replacement experience. The traditional design of shake siding never goes out of style and brings a rich, warm feeling to any home.

Although the style of shake siding is classic, the technology is thoroughly modern.  Snap Construction works with your traditional hand split wood shakes and all your manufactured shakes. This range of options allows us to help you select the very best option for your Shake Siding Installation and Replacement project. Whether you want affordability, durability, or low maintenance, we can help find you the ideal project to meet your most important needs. We also have an in house design team that can help you select the perfect look for your shake siding project.

Whether it is traditional or engineered that you want for your project, Snap Construction has you covered.  We carry all major manufactures and can show you all available options when it comes to add a shake look to your siding.

Set up a complimentary design/quote with one of our field representatives today and educate yourself on today’s newest technologies and designs.

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