Looking for Slate Roofing?  We like your sophisticated style!  At Snap Construction we have joined forces with all major manufactures of slate roofing to be sure that we can educate you on all available products and technology when it comes to slate roofing.

Slate roofing originated in Spain and was nothing more than fine-grained shale-type sedimentary rock that consisted of clay and or volcanic ash that went through a low-grade metamorphism.  Shiiisssh.  Why is it important?  Slate roofs are a major statement to any home.  Its thick style and rich look give any home instant appeal that immediately sets itself apart from every other home in the neighborhood.

Today’s slate roofs can come in many forms of materials including standard slate roofs, metal styled, laminate styled, and even composite styled slate roofs.  The variety of slate or slate-like roof options on the market today provide a number of benefits to homeowners.  First, the multitude of styles allows us to find the best custom fit for you, including your maintenance requirements and your aesthetic style. Second, the variety of options also mean that this once very expensive option can now be offered and a wider range of price points.  If you have ever considered a slate roof, now is the best to act.

Call Snap Construction today to learn more about slate roofs and set yourself apart from the neighborhood!

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