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Laminated shingles, aka architectural shingles, are today’s newest technology, and Snap Construction is a Laminate Roofing Replacement and Installation expert. Their affordability and durability are quickly making them the go-to replacement for asphalt shingles. Laminated shingles offer more support than standard three tab shingles and come in a wide range of designs and colors to provide the illusion of an expensive shake or slate roof. These additional design elements add even greater strength and durability to the laminated shingles. Fiberglass is woven throughout the shingles to give them added strength compared to the old organic fibers that would eventually allow the shingles to curl on the southern, sun-beaten sides of homes.

Snap Construction is a Laminate Roofing Replacement and Installation expert

We are certified contractor for almost all major shingle manufactures. That means you will benefit from additional manufacturer warranties at no charge as we are certified installers. Today’s laminate shingles contain a variety of different technological components to account for a variety of situations. There are impact rated shingles that can reduce the risk of damage from hail and also REDUCE YOUR INSURANCE rates up to 25% annually. There are shingles that contain scotch guard protection that prevent staining and algae growth on your home. There are even asphalt shingles that contain reflective granules to reduce heat penetration in your attic.

Snap Construction is one of the most successful roofing companies in the Midwest

Every situation is unique and that is why Snap Construction offers all product lines. Let us sit down with you today to educate you on today’s technology in laminate roofing to help you make a more educated decision on the most import component of your home.
Snap Construction is one of the most successful roofing companies in the Midwest. We are a locally owned company in the Minneapolis area and now offer service in areas of Wisconsin. We have offices in Madison, Wisconsin and Bloomington, Minnesota. Contact us today for a complimentary design and quote.

Now ranked number in Minnesota according to Angieslist in Roofing!  Fill out the form to the left or call 612-333-SNAP (7627) to schedule your free consultation with the Minneapolis Metro’s best!

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