From our early settlers to the present, the board and batten siding style remains a favorite style that has lasted the test to time.  Traditionally, this was style only available in wood, causing a lot of maintenance which equaled less golfing, fishing, shopping, and more painting!  Today, siding has evolved to give us maintenance free options while still allowing us to have the traditional style of the board and batten look.

At Snap construction we have many different materials, styles, and manufactures to give you the Board and Batten siding look.  With today’s technology, there is no longer a need to go the old fashion route for this traditional look.  We have composite materials that give you the exact look of the painted traditional wood with a low gloss, deeply ingrained style made from composite materials that will require no maintenance. Snap Construction’s diverse product offerings and extensive experience mean that we can help you custom select the board and batten siding installation or replacement option that is best for your budget, design taste, and desired maintenance requirements.

Sign up or call today for your complimentary quote and design.  Let us educate you on today’s current technologies and product offerings in board and batten siding.

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